Statcounter API

The Statcounter API gives developers direct access to Statcounter data allowing them to build scripts, custom reports, widgets and apps.

To get started, head on over to the documentation. You will need to set your API password. Then you can start constructing your API calls in your preferred programming language.

We've made an API Wizard to help you create a URL capable of getting data from the API. This should be useful to see how the URL is constructed and how it changes based on parameters selected, without the need to perform any programming at this stage.

We're keen to improve the API and expand its functionality so please send any bug reports or feature requests to us.

Please note that the Statcounter API is only available to Statcounter members with a paid upgrade. Unfortunately while we make every effort to provide as many features and as much functionality as possible with our free Statcounter accounts, we are not currently in a position to offer the Statcounter API on a free basis.

Terms Of Use